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Attitudes Lingerie - Interview

Attitudes Lingerie


[Vanity]: What is the origin of the name of your store?
Attitudes Lingerie: I wanted a name that makes sense both in French and English.
Plus, I thought a "Woman with Attitude" grouptag would be quite nice.

[Vanity]: What is your inspiration?
Attitudes Lingerie: The kind of lingerie I like to wear in RL (casual but sexy). Couldn't find much in SL, so.. I deciced to design it.

[Vanity]: Define your brand in a few words:
Attitudes Lingerie: Realistic and highly detailed lingerie, providing a wide range of colors and styles, from "cute girls" cotton undies to sophisticated "special day" lace sets, from classic blacks and whites to more daring fuschia or anise tones.

[Vanity]: What your store promises to Vanity Fair?
Attitudes Lingerie: Pure selfish elegance. What would be more vanity-like, than wearing delicate undies that almost no one will ever see...

Vanity Fair - July, 28 - August, 11

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