domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

Sweet Distractions -Sponsor Interview

Sweet Distractions

[Vanity]: What is the origin of the name of your store?
Sweet Distractions: I used to role play in another game and my friends in there used to say that my character was a sweet distraction. I guess I think of her when I'm designing so the name fits.

[Vanity]: What is your inspiration?
Sweet Distractions: Originally, I decided to design clothing for myself because most of the clothing I found here in SL was either black latex, black leather, or completely unrealistic and revealing. I love when women dress sexy but still look classy. Most of my inspiration comes from real life. I may see a dress in a shop and pick something about it to build on here in SL. Oh! And color is a huge inspiration for me.

[Vanity]: Define your brand in a few words:
Sweet Distractions: Sexy. Classy. Glamour. Eclectic. Fun!

[Vanity]: What your store promises to Vanity Fair?
Sweet Distractions: I promise 3 brand new designs that showcase what our brand is all about.

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