quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012



[Vanity]: What is the origin of the name of your store?
ArisAris: We were 2 sisters in RL and SL and both avatars were called Ariadna, so we played with our names to choose the name of the brand. After a while my sister left SL but the brand continued.

[Vanity]: What is your inspiration?
ArisAris: That's difficult to say... sometimes from real life fashion pics, sometimes just my imagination, but always things that would fit with my taste.

[Vanity]: Define your brand in a few words:
ArisAris: I try always to design outfits where a woman can feel very feminine. So femininity can be a word that define ArisAris.

[Vanity]: What your store promises to Vanity Fair?
ArisAris: I will design something that will bring the feeling of sexy but elegant at the same time when you wear it.

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