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***Just You Jewels *** - Sponsor Interview

 ***Just You Jewels ***

Vanity: What is the origin of the name of your store?
***Just You Jewels ***: My store’s name has been found when I was in association with Typha Bayley’s brand “Just Me” (closed now because she left sl)

Vanity: What is your inspiration?
***Just You Jewels ***: Love, beauty, body, sensuality, life…everything can give me inspiration. I love create jewels. Create jewels represent my desires, my needs too. The jewelry is primarily the representation of a general state of mind, a representation of our soul and our sensitivity. Fashion and jewels in general are the only thing we can show like qualification of what we are (and than people can see without know us)

Vanity: Define your brand in a few words:
***Just You Jewels ***: With its fine jewelry & Fashion for women and men, the unique style of ***Just You Jewels*** makes you dream ...
Wear Just You jewelry is guaranteed to stand out wherever you are ....
Quality, accuracy and originality are the hallmarks

Vanity: What your store promises to Vanity Fair?
***Just You Jewels ***: New items and a big surprise "fashion". always low prices, because everyone should be able to have fun her

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