sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2012

Scrub - Sponsor Interview


Vanity Fair: What is the origin of the name of your store?
Scrub: FROM: The online slang dictionary
a man with no class. For example: possessing little money, lacking in transportation, without a place to live, etc
See more words with the same meaning: uncool person, jerk, asshole (general insults - list of).
I'm still burning from that affront
Vanity Fair: What is your inspiration? 
Scrub: Sincerely, marijuana.
Vanity Fair: Define your brand in a few words:  
Scrub: I am an alternative among other alternatives,
I can only say about my creations, before they realized, they are dreaming
Vanity Fair: What your store promises to Vanity Fair? 
Scrub: I promise to clean up before leaving
XD happy sl people

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